Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Your son needs a towel for splash day!"

Those were the first words I heard come out of the program director's mouth when I picked my son up from daycare yesterday. Let me start by saying his daycare is fab-u-lous. They just don't get any better than this one! During the summer, every Wednesday for my son's classroom is splash day.

Splash day consists of water play. They have several small pools they fill with water, sprinklers, buckets, and the whole gamut. I have always, on every Monday, brought his sheet for his mat, his blanket for nap time, his board shorts, and his rash guard. Sunscreen is always there along with his swim dipes. Never, ever, have I thought to bring a freaking towel.

I remember when they first told me that they were going to be starting splash day because it had finally gotten consistently warm enough to do it, say oh, two months ago! They told me I needed to bring in gear for splash day. I asked what they meant. They said swimsuit, sunscreen, and swim dipes. Nothing about a towel. But, again, I should have thought of that myself! I didn't.

Can you tell I was a little devastated to hear that my son has been using another child's towel for the past two months on swim day? If not, I AM! There, now it is clear.

Why you wonder? Because, this means he has been using another kid's towel after that kid has dried off. The towel was not fresh. The towel was wet. AND, he was standing around waiting to be dried off while all the other kids were drying themselves. Plus, he was probably wondering, "where is my OWN towel?" "why am I the ONLY one who has to wait?"

I guess I am hurt by this because he is my son and I LOVE HIM SO STINKING MUCH! AND, all I want for him is to be happy at all times!

I am not really upset with his daycare because I should have known, but why wait two freaking months to say something to me? Why not say, oh, I don't know, after the second week? It honestly never even occurred to me to bring a towel because I guess a part of me assumed they didn't get drenched and they were allowed to play outside and dry off in the sun some.

Lesson learned! From this day forward, on Monday's I will bring a towel, board shorts, rash guard, sheet, and blanket!


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