Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"What would your children say?" Wednesday

I was such a slacker last week, but am participating this week.

Welcome to another episode of "what would your children say?" Wednesday! Started by Marianne over at Family American Style. We are to share something memorable, funny, and/or entertaining our child(ren) have said in their lives that have stuck with us. If you want to participate, click on the icon below for instructions.

My son has really taken a liking to horses (really anything that moves). All things horse, from the sounds they make *insert neigh* to the movement they make, is really his passion right now. This all stems from a trip to Barnes and Noble where he finally discovered the John Deere farm set, which comes with a barn, tractor, horse, rooster, corn field, and some other stuff. He is pretty much hooked up in the farming department right now.

Anywhoooo, when I took all the stuff out of the box for this fab barn he immediately noticed the horse. We got into the whole what does a horse say? neigh! What does a horse do? gallop *me galloping around the house*! Well, he really became enthralled. The horse goes everywhere and does everything with him. He even tries to share his food with the horse. Very cute!

However, the galloping part - not so cute! Why? Because this is what goes down in our house.

Anthony: Mom, down (he wants me to lie on the floor so he can then straddle my mid-section. I know this because he is taking my hand and ever-so-gently pulling me back onto the floor and if I just sit he will gently push me back all the way to the floor:))
Me: o.k. sweetheart *thinking Sure, I will be your human horse slave*.
Anthony: Neigh, faster mommy (he wants me to pretend like I am galloping, fast, while laying on my back with him straddled across me)
Anthony: (In addition to me galloping, apparently I am not fast enough, he is bouncing himself up and down.)

This happens EVERY TIME he hears the word horse or sees the horse. I am just waiting for the moment he wants me to do this in a store. Boy would we get some stares!

I can't wait to read what your lil ones say!

Here is a picture of this beloved farm!


2003beachbunch said...

I have trained my kids to only do that to their father :-) lol. great picture in my head from your description! thanks for sharing!

Family American Style. said...

Oh that is funny. Maybe its time for him to see a Pony.

Jen said...

Actually, for his 2nd birthday he will have ponies at the party!

Kim said...

Very cute! It is so interesting what kids are drawn to. My son actualy oves John Deer ttractors because his fave color is green.

Thanks for stopping by!

Crystal said...

That is cute. Who need a little toy horse when mom makes the best horse around :)

HeatherOz said...

That is so funny! Good luck with the "Being a Horse in Public" thing!

Jen said...

LOL Heather, I am trying to avoid that at all costs!!We mums the word "horse" while out in public!

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