Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Laughlin Trip...

Was fun... my son did fantastic on the 5 hour drive to Laughlin, NV. He watched movies the entire ride and slept for an hour on the way there and two hours on the return drive. Unfortunately I do not have TONS of pics like I normally do because I didn't bring my big Nikon because I knew we were going to be on a boat and near water the entire trip and didn't want to risk it getting ruined. Soooo, I brought my crappy, LOL, Kodak camera, which is only about two years old. I say crappy because the batteries - no matter if they are the rechargeable or energizer batteries - die after five minutes of use. Kodak should really tell its customers to buy stock in a battery company if they purchase a Kodak camera because it becomes costly!

Back to the trip...

Friday we woke up early, and I mean early, around 6 AM and got ready for the boat. We needed to get out early so we could get to Lake Mojave and beat the rush. Seriously, there is a rush folks. People get there early so they can get their area of beach out in the middle of the lake and pitch their tents or covers. By the time we found our "spot" it was already 10 AM. We got situated and then the fun began. The kids lived in the water. Anthony is a fish!! The kid LOVES the water. I always knew this but he lived in the water for two days straight, aside from when he was napping.

Speaking of napping... the first day I forgot to bring his pack 'n play out with us so he had to sleep on a towel over the rocky beach (sorry lil guy). But he was a champ and slept like a rock! The second day I remember the pack 'n play... he was thankful!

Saturday we stayed at the lake until 4 PM, unlike Friday - we left around 6:30 PM-, and headed back to the hotel because we had purchased tickets to a dinner/Fourth of July celebration. We got showered, dressed, and headed out with our friends to the celebration. The fireworks were not spectacular but it was fun. I could not believe how well Anthony did staying up until almost 10 Pm (his normal bedtime is 7 PM), especially after being the sun all day and playing in the water. He is still trying to catch up on sleep going to bed extra early!

Anthony also loved being on the boat. However, the sad thing is, the boat would put him to sleep no matter how fast and bumpy it was. He would just pass out in my arms!

Well, enjoy some of the few pics that I do have from the trip... my friends are suppose to be emailing me *hint* their pictures, so as soon as they do I will update.


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