Sunday, June 7, 2009

Strawberry Pickin' and Stuff...

We had a blast this weekend. Anthony has been worn out everyday, so much so that he was ready for bed tonight by 5:30 pm. Not too mention he has been having some serious teething pains. We *think* he is getting his two year molars. OUCH! He is literally trying to eat himself by gnawing on his arm and hands.

Saturday we went strawberry pickin'. I think he ate more strawberries than he put in the bucket. :) He had a blast searching for the perfect strawberry. He definitely pointed out ALL of the strawberries, but only picked the ones I said were good. He is such a good boy. He enjoyed frolicking down the rows of strawberries (and playing in the mud)! Here are some picks from that adventure. I am not in them because, of course, I am the one taking them as is the case all the time. (No, I am not saying this with haste:)) Also, here is a link to where we went strawberry pickin':
Carlsbad Strawberry Company

Today we went bowling with hubby's command. Anthony had fun but didn't really grasp the concept of taking "turns". He wanted it to be his turn all the time. Though, after bowling two balls he was done. Carrying a 7 lb bowling ball is a lot of work for a 20 month old. Let me tell you, he was not only carrying that ball but throwing it. He is a little muscle man! Here are some pics of him in the car on the ride home eating some of my chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I made today. Do you think he liked them?


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