Saturday, June 20, 2009


My lil man was desperately in need of a haircut. His last one was before Christmas, if I am remembering correctly. There could have been another one in between but I am claiming mommy brain on that one:) Well, I took pics of the before and the after. He ALWAYS looks like a baby in the before pics and not so much in the after pics. In the after pics he ALWAYS looks like a toddler :(! 

See for yourself...


While I love this stage, I miss the infant stage as well. Ya know, the one where you could have an actual moment of silence because they aren't talking yet. The moments where they are completely dependent upon us for EVERYTHING (whereas, now they are telling us how to do things).  I miss all the snuggle, cuddle, or whateva you like to call it time I used to get... now, I practically have to beg for a kiss or hug :( I know he loves me, he told me so one day when I picked him up from daycare. Actually, it was more of an announcement to the entire classroom, LOL. 

O.k., now I am just rambling, but it is true... all the stages that I have experienced so far have been awesome, which makes me look forward to what is to come...


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