Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter and much more...

Last Sunday, April 5th, we died Easter eggs. Anthony had a blast as did Bella, the neighbor. Then, after they finished with the eggs, we dipped rice krispy treats in chocolate and coated them with sprinkles. I will post pics later as I have not downloaded them. They had so much fun and a mess was definitely made.

Fastforward to today, Tuesday, April 7th, Anthony is officially 18 months today :( *sad*. He also started at a new daycare, which is more like a pre-school. My lil guy is so laidback. He did so well this morning and didn't even cry. He fell right in step with other children and the routine. I am just a little worried about his eating there since he is rather picky. He might be shy at first, but hopefully the hunger will take-over, LOL!


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