Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Back in December of 2008 I started reading the Twilight series. Immediate addiction, hooked, lined, and sunk!!!! I have read it twice, in full, since then. Twilight the movie came out on DVD on March 21st. I have watched it four times, once with commentary on (will never do that again). Downloaded the Twilight soundtrack from iTunes, listen to it NONSTOP. So much so that my son knows all the songs and can hum along with them! He is 18 MONTHS!!! :)

Now I have started reading a new series, Sookie Stackhouse, written by Charlaine Harris. Ugh, I just cannot seem to get enough. Normally I limit myself to reading while working out because I know myself. I know I will be glued to the book and never want to put it down to do anything. Well, I have now allowed myself to read at night before bed. Still not enough. I have brought the book to work with me to read on my break!! This is insane. I have got to stop myself. I keep telling myself that I shoudl limit myself b/c there are only so many books left in the series and I should want to make it last. That doesn't work. Why? Because I say that I will just re-read Twilight again. When I am finished with that I will re-read the Sookie Stackhouse series! Vampire novels can by so alluring and really draw a person in!!!


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