Monday, January 26, 2009

WOW, where have I been?

I'll tell you where I have been... I have been living life! Not always the good life, but life! Working full-time, going to school full-time, spending time with family, and trying to have a little left over "me" time has left me with, well, no time for this blog! YIKES! I have even gotten bad about taking pictures of my now almost 16 month old! I haven't even updated my profile picture. I am bad, bad to the bone.

I will say this, there is one addiction that has taken over me and it is TWILIGHT. Who would have thunk it? I am totally and utterly dazzled, uh, I mean addicted.

Anthony is doing so much now it is hard to keep up. He mimics EVERYTHING we do. Yowsers, I really need to be careful with my not so nice potty mouth. I am working on this, with the help of my husband of course (I am of course talking about his nasty glares when I say the "f" word). He is also running around (has been for months actually, like 7 to be more exact ;) ) He claps his hands, pats his legs, tells you what he wants and if you don't respond with a quickness he will stomp his foot! Overall, he is a perfect little boy!

We spent Thanksgiving in Miami, Christmas at Disneyland (we were actually there the entire week!). Anthony loved both places and did fantastic on the plane.

We are headed to Denver for Valentines Day weekend. Sort of happened that way. Def. not planned b/c I am not a fan of celebrating V-Day (hey, we all have our quirks.).

I was doing good with my weight loss. I was down to my pre-preggers weight. Then the holidays came!!!!! I gained some weight. So, now I am back where I started (o.k. maybe not EXACTLY where I started, but it damn near feels close. The scale says otherwise but my clothing is busting at the seems - at least it feels that way!) OH, and most importantly, I am trying to drop another 15 to 20 lbs before April (wishful thinking I know) b/c we are going to start trying again. Hopefully we can conceive before hubby is deployed in July! Wish us luck (i.e. keep us in your prayers)!!!

My promise is to get better with this blog. You just wait, I am going to be posting so much you will get sick of me... HA!


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