Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a day!!!!

Oh my gosh, where do I begin? Today literally felt like a Monday. Too be honest, every day this week has felt like a Monday. Work was insanely busy for me, which just made me want to be done with the day faster than it was heading in that direction! Today was one of those days at work when you feel like saying "screw eating healthy, pass me a nice chocolate cupcake with some buttercream frosting (and LOTS of the frosting)! Though, I am happy to report I did no such thing but I was thinking that like every 5 minutes... oh, who am I kidding, like every 5 SECONDS!

After work I decided to rearrange Anthony's room... See, hubby is on his way back from a 10-day work-up. I always get these bright ideas to do things like this when I am alone with no help. BUT, I was successful and Anthony now has so much more room in his, well, room, LOL. It looks nice. He seemed happy about it while playing with his toys.

I was going to do Wii boxing but after the day I had I just want to sit on my bed and tinker around on the computer. Especially since hubby isn't here.

I am posting a pic, or two, of Anthony that was taken last night. He was actually pretty funny when I was taking his picture. I was telling him to pose and he was actually posing. He would twirl around and tilt his head - so cute. And one of me!


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