Monday, September 28, 2009

My Two Year Old Is A Teenager...

Can someone tell me how that happened? Seriously, I thought all the teenager fun stuff (i.e., ignoring me when speaking to him, rolling of the eyes, and talking back) didn't happen until, well, they were actually in their teens. Why is my almost two year old behaving this way? I mean, I have heard of terrible two's but never this. He has a mind of his own and is definitely trying to gain more (key word is more because he is already very independent) independence. Which is cute... to a certain extent.

Cute when we arrive at a store and as I am getting him out of his carseat he says, "I walk!" That is cute. Not so cute is when we are in the store and he still wants to walk but not listen (or hold my hand) and he says, "No Mommy, I do it!" Then proceeds to yell and cry when I explain that if he doesn't hold my hand he doesn't get to walk. Also, can someone explain why he will listen while we are walking from the car to the store, but the second we step one centimeter past the store's doors he forgets to listen?

Oh what fun times. Then, at home he completely ignores me when I ask him a question. He is way too involved with his toys or a movie. In fact, most of the time the only response I get is a @@ *roll of the eyes*. Like a teenager. As if what I said was totally awful and so not cool!

Well his new found independence I am sure is going to bring some really exciting times for me when we travel. This should be fun *note sarcasm*. I am praying he turns back into my perfect lil angel for our flights:) Please pray for the same!

What were your kids like at the "terrible two's" or what is your most dreaded fear of "terrible two's"?


Domestically Challenged said...

Hahahahahhaha! I feel for you! I really really do!

For us, twos weren't bad... from what I can remember. But 4 was a nightmare! 4 was the new 14. Life was happy until we hit 4 and then all the adolescent hormones kicked in and my sweetheart turned into a Diva who is certain she knows more than I do about EVERYTHING... Now she's 5 and it's getting worse. I get all the eye rolling, the huffing, the irritated "I knoooowww mooooom!"

I'll cross my fingers that your travels go well. ((((Hugs)))) to you on even attempting it! That takes bravery!

blueviolet said...

My first didn't even have terrible twos. My second would just collapse on the ground in silence. Since it was silence, I didn't even care. I just walked away and he got over it.

But, the teenage years..the eye rolls made me crazy!

Heliotropism said...

Domestically Challenged, thanks for providing me with no hope, LOL. No, but at least I know someone can share in my misery. After all, misery loves company. It really isn't all that bad, but when it is bad oh it is so bad.

BlueViolet, my son will cry but it doesn't last for long... it is the attitude that gets me. He even does the neck thing. Then, when I am asking him where he learned how to do that neck thing *while doing the neck thing* I realize he is a mini me. LOL:)

Ydorj said...

I'm not sure anyone beyond his age can say with any degree of certainty what is going on the head of a two year old. Except, of course, the two year old in question. Even then, you might as well ask the wind why it blows.
However, what I know is that the evident curiosity you describe points to an incredible potential for learning. In fact all of your posts just scream of Ant's vast intelligence. What's important now is to identify why he's interacting with whatever captivates him, and either nurture or redirect that attention in a positive fashion.
What does he see, hear, taste or touch at the moment that has him so intrigued, and why. What does this particular pursuit unlock in his mind, and, if harmful, how can I help him to unlock it in another way.
From what you've decribed about this scenario, I would venture the guess that he wanted to walk because something he saw at another time held a special meaning for him, but due to it's inaccessibility he was unable to satisfy that curiosity. Therefore, he was determined to be unretrained this time.
Take heart my friend. albeit diguised and inconvenient at times, this is a precious gift. I'm not saying it will be easy to maintain control of his facilities, but I am confident that you will figure it out.
Congratulations on being the Mother of such a wonderful child. Certainly, you've got your work cut out for you. But the patience and understanding that I know to be your gift will be rewarding beyond conception not too far down the road. Love and light!

Your friend,

Heliotropism said...

Ydorj, Oh yes, I look at all of these experience as a chance for my son and myself to learn something. I laugh at his @@ (not in front of him but internally) and think it is secretly cute that he has that much personality, but there are times when it can be frustrating. Though, he will never know I am frustrated:)

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