Monday, August 31, 2009

Best Weekend! Aside from Sunday!

Let me start off by saying it was hot, deadly hot here. Where I live it reached 106 degrees in the shade on both Saturday and Sunday. However, we still managed to have a wonderful weekend just the two of us. We haven't had a weekend where it was just the two of us in several weeks and it was much needed.

Once we woke up on Saturday we had breakfast. I had my much needed late, I made myself.  We got ready for Lake Murray. Same lake in the pictures below. I ran while Ant man read to me from his stroller. Yes, it was blazing hot at 8:30 AM here, and if you really want to know it was 96 degrees when we arrived at the lake. I ran 9 miles in 50 minutes while pushing a jogging stroller holding a 30 lb toddler on hilly terrain. *applause*

After the run, we headed over to Toys 'R Us. I needed to buy a gift for a birthday party we are going to this coming Saturday, plus my lil man needed something. He ended up getting a grill set to go with his other outdoor toys... ya know the water table, kitchen, and workbench:) If I haven't said it before, and this is your first visit here, yes, my son is SPOILED, but doesn't act spoiled because I will tell him "no!" and he knows it too.

Then we headed home for some lunch and nap time. After nap time we went to the pool. Must admit I was highly impressed with how well he swam. He was kicking and using his arms to swim. Normally he is so overwhelmed with excitement about being in the pool he doesn't listen and is mainly swallowing water. Not this day though! It was as if he had been swimming his entire life! A lil fish!
Sunday, however, was not the best day - at least not for me. I ran before my lil man woke up so we could go to the mall early and he could play in the kid zone without being attacked by almost teenagers who don't belong in the kid zone according to the rules. If we waited until early afternoon or thereafter this is what we would have been faced with. All these big kids play in the area and have total disreguard for the kids it was intended for. I always go there early for this reason, to avoid these almost rambunctious teenagers.
Done with the rant...
Back to the story, after I got Anthony into his carseat I must have forgotten how tight a fit it was in the garage and whacked my head on the wall! Yes, I sure did. My right-side. My ears were ringing, a lil blood on the ear, but I forged ahead cuz to the mall we were heading. I should have stopped our plans right here.

Ant man is not that much of an eater, and if he does eat he is extremely picky - mainly eats fruits and veggies (this topic leads me to a whole other rant usually.) I packed some strawberries for our adventure. Since he did not eat his breakfast and I knew he would be running around I didn't want him to feel sick so I offered him the strawberries - while driving. Did I mention I had a white skirt on this day?!?! If not, I DID! Luckily my top was black:) I went to open the strawberries and for some reason they flew every where, when I say everywhere I mean everywhere all over my nice white skirt! We were at the half-way point to the mall and there was no way I was turning around becuase I knew if I did I wouldn't leave the house again. Yes, I walked through the mall with my white skirt with large red stains all over the front! I did this so my son could enjoy himself because I knew it was going to be way to hot for him to play outside at our house or for us to even go to the park.
My son was not feeling the kid zone that day. He wanted nothing to do with it. We were done within 5 seconds! Yes, your read right - 5 seconds! Though, we did do something I have always wanted to do and that is get our pics taken in one of those picture booths! Check it out.
After our adventure at the mall, I called it a day - for the both of us. We went home relaxed, watched movies, and read to each other! Oh, and we danced around the house because you gotta dance at least once a day!
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blueviolet said...

You definitely deserve some applause for that run you made along with some sympathy for the strawberry spills.

Love the cute little photos! :)

Heliotropism said...

Thank you! My lil man was so confused as to what he should do in the photobooth. Can't you see it in the look on his face? He is so cute!! :)

GypsyFox The Glamorous Betty Crocker said...

awww sounds like a fun, eventful day! love this pics girly! xoxo

Ydorj said...

"because you gotta dance at least once a day." You've a beautiful heart. Anthony is a very, very lucky little man.

Samantha Gianulis said...

How did I not know you are in neighborhood? I know the kid zone of which you speak and Lake Murray? Jogging? Last weekend? Baby on Board?
YOU ROCK. I was a sissy and stayed home in the a/c.

Heliotropism said...

Thanks Lili, it is always eventful in our life! LOL, my lil man is my partner in crime:)

Ydorj, I love to dance, I love music, well, I really love everything but dancing is just too much fun! Plus, he loves to dance too!

Samantha, ah, I didn't know we were so close! It was HOT this past weekend. Hopefully it won't be as hot this coming weekend. If it is, I see beach in my future:)

Mommy24cs said...

The strawberries is definitely something that would happen to me. I'm like a food spill magnet!

I love the photo booth pics. Your little guy is adorable :)

And yes, I agree, you have to dance at least once a day. Carson and I are always dancing. It's good exercise too ;p

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