Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"What would your children say?" Wednesday

Today is "What would your children say?" Wednesday, started by Marianne over at Family American Style. We are to share something memorable, funny, and/or entertaining our child(ren) have said in their lives that have stuck with us.

I could see this becoming extremely entertaining as my lil man grows. He is 21 months and has a whole lot say already! What I love most about what he says now is the majority of it is random - completely out of the blue and unrelated to what he is doing! Plus, there is the innocence of it all - like the bad words he repeats after mommy slipped up *hanging head in shame*.

Right now, since we are working with a three sentence max. vocabulary at a time, he loves to tell me to "Let GO!" The first time I heard him say this, clear as day, I about lost it to hysterics. He now tells me to "let go!" of EVERYTHING relating to him. If I am trying to undress him from his pj's to his day clothing and have a hold of his arm, he tells me to "Let GO!" If I am trying to put his shoes on and he wants to do it, I get told to "Let Go!" But, the absolute best is seeing him use his words with other children because he will actually say, "Please Let GO!" And, it is not that he uses "please"... it is the way he says "Let GO!" The cutest thing ever (and I am not saying that because I am biased - it really is!).

**Shhh, don't tell Anthony, but sometimes I will secretly pick something up of his I know he wants, try to hold his hand, give him a kiss, or something that I know will trigger him just to hear him say "Let GO!" because it is that cute!**


Family American Style. said...

That is so cute. When my son 1st started walking he used the words, No! Stop! Don’t do that! It was only because those were the words I used all the time. Thanks so much for your post.

Pam said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!!!!! I love yours!!!!! I will keep in touch!!!!!

Stephanie ~This Army Wife~ said...

Im following you!

Family American Style. said...

Can you believe another week has passed. It's that time again. Tomorrow is another post on “What would your children say?” “Wednesday” It’s going to be fun sharing all those wonderful adventures our children do and say. If you don’t have a kid, feel free to post something about your furry four legged family member. I can’t wait. Please tell us all about them. Hope to see you tomorrow. Go to the logo that says “What would your children say?” “Wednesday”, for full details.

Kim said...

I love the quirkiness of kids. I am think about participating tomorrow so I just wanted to check out what others were posting about their kids. Glad I stopped by.

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