Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Umm, can you recommend a wireless router... (LONG)

I purchased an Apple MacBook Air about eight months ago. When I purchased it I also ordered some extra stuff, such as the superdrive (which is an external cd/dvd drive) and the AirPort Express.

I also have a wireless network set-up and my router is a Linksys. A couple of months ago I painted my bedroom and was forced to unplug my router. This caused havoc because I was no longer able (for some odd reason... couldn't be b/c my husband pressed the reset button thinking it was the power button on the router when plugging it back in) to log-in to my private network b/c, well, you take a guess...

Ever since then I have had issues with connectivity. This is a major pain in the ass for me as I LIVE with my computer glued to me at all times. No one in my house is even allowed to touch it, or look at it, without getting the "look" and possibly a smack on the hand!

I was finally fed up with my connectivity issues and decided to take a break from twitter, facebook, ivillage, school, and work to go the Apple online store to look in to possibly purchasing a wireless network router from Apple. I was having a difficult time locating the wireless network routers but did notice a "chat" button. So, I thought, "what the heck" and clicked on the button.

A screen popped up and it said my tech expert's name is Cheryl and she will be with me momentarily. "Awesome" is what I thought along with "I <3>

While waiting I typed the following message, "I was wondering if you could recommend a wireless network router compatible with a MacBook Air. I currently have a Linksys but am having serious connectivity issues."

Cheryl responded with "sure."

This is the flow of the conversation from this point on...
Cheryl: Let me help you with that
Me: (i am patiently waiting for her response)
Cheryl: What is the distance you need the router to work:
Me: My house, so maybe 1300 sq ft.
Cheryl: I recommend the AirPort Express (does this sound familiar?)
Me: (hmm, that sure does sound familiar to me is what I thought...) Is this something I can purchase at the Apple store?
Cheryl: Sure, I will show you. (waited about three seconds then she sent the link to "show" me)
Cheryl: Link
Me: (I clicked the link, and really started to think this not only sounded familiar but looked familiar)
Cheryl: I use this router and love it. Works well inside my home and even a good distance outside of my home.
Me: (Yeah, this is familiar, for sure.) Ya know, I think I might have purchased this when I bought my computer.
Cheryl: When did you buy your computer?
Me: About 8 months ago. Is this easy to install? Can I set-up private networks? Does it come with instructions? (All while thinking that I have this!)
Cheryl: Yes. I will send you the how to link.
Cheryl: How to link.
Me: I know I have this! I know this because I purchased it thinking it was a charger for airports and airplanes. (I really told her this!)
Me: I am so STUPID!
Cheryl: It is a great router! (totally ignoring my stupid comment)
Me: Are you secretly laughing at me, because I would be? (yes, I did ask her this)
Cheryl: Well, I wasn't before.
Cheryl: But now I am after what you said.
Me: That is o.k., I would laugh too! Thanks for your help!
Cheryl: Thanks for letting me help you today. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: Nope, you have helped me enough! THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

Conversation over!

Lesson learned for today: Make sure you read what you are purchasing! Don't just assume you know what it is because of the name:) Don't grow up and be like me!

Now I can't wait to get home and use my new, errr, old but new router!


Ana Lee said...

I have the Airport Express and LOOOOOVE it, it's the easier router and works great. I laughed reading that you thought it was an airport charger :) haha. I hope it is working for you now!

Mommy24cs said...

I have the macbook too and everyone gets the death stare if they even attempt to touch it. Is it possible to be in love with your computer?? Cause I sure am :o)

Hopefully you got your problem sorted out and just between you and me, I thought the Airport thingy had something to do with airports and travel too ;op

Jen said...

Thanks ladies for making me feel a lil better, LOL!

I think it is possible to be in love your computer because I sure am!! After using PCs and finding my love, my macbook, I know what it is like to experience bliss everytime I get on my computer!!!

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