Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Superstar Son!

That is what I have. We had to be at the hospital at 6 AM. YIKES! Got lil man out of bed at 5:15 AM, changed his dipe, and put him in the car (he wasn't able to drink or eat anything after midnight, so the last time he had something to drink was at 7 PM right before bed and eat was at 6:30 PM the night before). Got to the hospital on time and we were checked in by 6:05 AM.  Then we had to wait for him to be evaluated from anesthesiology, so they could make sure to give him the right amount of meds for the procedure. After all of that it was about 7 AM. Then we waited some more...

The doctor came in, along with the anesthesiologist, and the rest of the team (never realized how many people had to be present for even a simple procedure!) around 7:15 AM. Around 7:40 AM we all went into the operating room minus my hubby. He had to go to the waiting room. I was only allowed to be present while they put him to sleep, then I had to go to the waiting room. 

He was such a trooper! I laid him on the operating table. The anesthesiologist told me to hold his arms down, so I did. He put the mask on Anthony (Anthony did not even flinch, cry, or anything... just laid there like a good lil boy) and about a minute later was out. I left the room and went to meet with hubby. Hubby went and got us coffee (YUM), which was much needed. About a minute after hubby got back from getting us coffee, which is not far from where we were, the doctor came into the waiting room to let us know they were finished putting the tubes in. 

The doctor said Anthony needed those tubes because they drained so much fluid that was goopey (his words) out of his ears that he was bound to have continual problems with ear infections because the fluid would never drained on its own. We were given drops to put in his ears for three days.  The doc said someone would be calling us to meet Anthony in recovery. The phone in the waiting room rang about ten minutes later, which puts us at around 8:20 AM. When we got to the recovery room a nurse was holding Anthony. I guess that had woken him right before we got there and he was a little disoriented and upset, but when he saw us he was perfectly fine! He gave us a big hug. I sat in a chair with him while they checked his vitals. We asked them if he could eat something. They said yes, so we gave him a banana that we brought for him. They gave him some apple juice, which was the first time he had ever had packaged apple juice (He had only ever had apple juice that I have made, LOL.). He sucked that right up. Then, about ten minutes later, we were allowed to leave. They said he might get sick on the way home, but he didn't. In fact, he never got sick. 

When we got home he immediately asked for "bobots" to be put on, so we obliged. He has been napping since 12:15 PM and it now 2:30 PM and still going strong. He is such a superstar my son!

PS Thanks for all the prayers!


Mommy24cs said...

I'm always such a mess whenever my children have to have any type of medical procedure done. Luckily that hasn't been too often!

Glad to hear everything went well :o)

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