Wednesday, June 3, 2009

He is Growing Up :(

Oh where to start...

Anthony is growing up. I know this for sure! He is pointing to things outside and calling them by their proper name. For instance, we were outside playing on Sunday and he pointed to the sky. We could see the moon even though it was day light out. Anthony pointed and said "moon!". Then we saw some bees and he pointed to those and said "bees," though I did have to inform him that bees are not friendly and can actually cause an owie! He was o.k. with that b/c he quickly moved on to pointing out bugs.

Though, the icing on the cake is from yesterday. When I picked him up from daycare he ran to me while saying "mama!". I picked him up, gave him a kiss, and then he blurted out clear as day "I WUV YOU!" Ugh, he stole my heart and officially has me wrapped around his finger. What is a mama to do with such a cutie like him???

He is just a ball of fun and is always on the run but is definately making life fun.


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